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Afternoon Delight

I find myself sitting in bed after a long day of work tired to the point of complete uselessness. My body aches as if I were young again and going through the pain of growing bones. I wish I could say that this is an exaggeration of my current state, but cleaning hotel rooms all day 6 days a weeks has its physical downsides.

I lay flat arching my back over the edge of the bed observing how strange my face looks as I hold my phone camera up above me. When your body lacks the physical stamina to be productive it’s as if your mind takes over and becomes this powerhouse of thought that streams into your consciousness. I find myself thinking about all sorts of odds and ends.



We see fractions of the sunset from our bedroom window and run down to the beach. The sky is burning orange and pink and the atmosphere is light and fragrant doused in a salty breeze. My feet reach the shore and a warm lick of ocean water slaps my heels. My tiredness falls away in an instant, like shattering glass, as the beauty of the moment we have arrived upon envelops us.

Night descends in a swift transition and the fading embers of sky disintegrate into coal. I sit alone on the damp shore, my toes curled into the sand. Slowly the stars begin to dimly appear in patches, few and far between. The full of the moon casts a tinge of dusty white light from behind the trees as she begins her ascent. I start to feel the freshness of the evening air tickle my bare skin, the night is getting along. I decide it’s time to walk the stretch of shore towards home – towards sleep.